Max. exposure 12 minutes.
32 Total Lamps

The ETS SunStar ZX32 3F Tanning Bed includes everything you are looking for in a solid commercial unit. The hinged acrylic system, standard body cooling system, and sharp new design combined with the power of the Speed system make this tanning bed a must have for any salon. In addition, the SunStar ZX32 3F features the Xtreme Reflection system that is powered by three 400 watt face lamps for added facial tanning power.

Tech Specs
• 32 Lamps - Heraeus reflector - 100 watt
• 3 facials 400 watt
• With Timer
• With Internal Bed Fan

• Bio-Tech design surrounds tanners for fast, consistently dark all-over tanning results.
• Xtreme Reflection Facial system uses three 400 watt Heraeus lamps Convenient slide-out utility drawer makes accessing internal components simple.
• 32 super-efficient Speed system lamps Wide.
• curved 7 foot tanning surface Exclusive acrylic sheets allow the maximum amount of UV penetration.
• DuraMax 2000 exterior.
• Ergonomicaly designed acrylic headrest.
• Security timer automatically monitors standard timer to guarantee accurate session time.
• Prewired remote hook up available to communicate directly with your T-Max timer system.
• Hinged acrylic system simplifies the process of changing lamps and cleaning acrylics.
• Side body cooling system.
• Advanced after tan cooling system.
• Superflow internal cooling system.
• Length: 86.50 in
• Width: 40 in

Electrical Requirements
• 1 - 220 V dedicated circuit
• 1 - 20 A circuit breaker
• 1 - 20 A NEMA #6-20R receptacle

SunStar ZX32

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